KMC-1337EPG series
Moving Gantry Plano Machining Center
  • Specification
    • X-axis travel
    • Y-axis travel
    • Z-axis travel
    • W-axis travel
    • Spindle taper
      ISO 50
    • Tool magazine capacity
    • Spindle speed
    • Spindle motor (cont./30min)
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    • Description
    • 1、 A new high-rigging dynamic pillar-type structure for the long and large workpiece processing to create.
      2、 The use of high load capacity of the fixed table; the overall area than the average machine to save more than 25%.
      3、 X-axis dual-column drive, the use of dual-motor pre-pressure gear, rack speed reduction mechanism, with large size high load, high precision roller linear guide, rapid feed up to 30 m / min; Greatly improve productivity.
      4、 Y axis on the track for the sliding and rolling of the composite design, the upper and lower rail for the ladder track.
      5、 The main structure of the FEM structure analysis, to ensure that static rigidity.
      6、 Beam for the box structure, the configuration of tough ribs, with excellent bending and torsional stress.
      7、 X-axis installation of dual optical feet, synchronous system to ensure that the positioning accuracy of ± 0.01 / 4000mm.
      8、 The standard head library with vertical head and horizontal head, 2 position AAC automatically perform head change action. More additional head library needs, can be expanded to 3 to 5 positions.
      9、 The knife to draw oil pressure dividing motor drive, according to the demand to select the appropriate number of knives.
      10、 KMC-EPG on behalf of the ultimate rigidity, efficiency, accuracy, processing capacity of the perfect performance.