KMC-2400DV 系列
  • 機械規格
    • X軸行程
    • Y軸行程
    • Z軸行程
    • W軸行程
    • 主軸孔維度
      ISO 40
    • 刀庫容量
    • 刀軸轉速
    • 主軸馬達(連續/30分鐘)
      30/33 HP
  • *特別指定本公司保留隨時修改上述規格
    • 產品概述
    • 1. Highly efficient and versatile built-in spindle motor allow powerful output 25KW at 12000 rpm, and maximum torque output 235 Nm, special for die/mold.

      2. Three axes employ the roller type linear motion guide which is twice rigid than the ball type linear guide.

      3. Rigid double column construction, Y axis is one piece cast in arch-bridge design, X axis stand alone at the bed, the displacement and overhang will never happen to this machine.

      4. Three axes rapid traverse: X-30, Y-40, Z-24 m/min.

      5. A full enclose missile type splash guard.

      6. Wide open flexible door and only 375mm(14.7”) from the operator to the spindle, convenient for loading and unloading the tool and work piece.

      7. A screw type chip removal system located on both side of the table is standard.