• Toyota Production System

      What is the Toyota production system ( English: theToyota Production System, abbreviated to TPS ?

      Was introduced by Toyota in an integrated socio - technical systems ( English : Sociotechnical system )。 Contains a set of management concepts and practices. Toyota production system for automotive production and logistics, including interaction with suppliers and customers.

      Kaoming will be fully into the real-time production "(JIT) systems, optimization of production processes, such as model. Create value for the company !

      何謂豐田生產方式(英語:Toyota Production System,縮寫為 TPS?
      是由豐田提出的一個整合的社會-技術系統(英語:Sociotechnical system)。包含一套管理理念和實踐。豐田生產方式為汽車製造安排生產和物流,當中包括與供應商和客戶的互動。